KING DIAMOND - The Eye LP (White / Black Marbled)

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LP | "The Eye"


COLOUR: White / Black Marbled

"The Eye" is the fifth album of the legendary Speed Metal, Heavy Metal band KING DIAMOND, released a year after "Conspiracy" and the completion of the story that had began on ”Them”, "The Eye" is once again a concept album but has a different perspective. The protagonist of "The Eye" - which is narrated by an unknown entity - is not King Diamond but a cursed artifact and an array of characters. However, what makes the story even more interesting is the fact that a large part of it is real, almost every member of the “cast” lived during the years of the French inquisition.
Instrumentally, those of you who are accustomed with KING DIAMOND´s most well-known albums, will already have a solid idea of how "The Eye sounds": traditional Heavy Metal with progressive inclinations that doesn’t sacrifice melody for heaviness. The highlight, as on every KING DIAMOND album, is the dynamics created from Diamond´s vocals and LaRocque´s guitar playing. Once again there are memorable riffs and blistering solos with Neoclassical inclinations that reveal LaRocque´s two main influences: Michael Schenker and Randy Rhoads. The level of soloing is so high that makes even average songs on the album interesting. The band´s two guitarists do a great job of making the listener feel various emotions such as fear, disgust or anxiety. Over all "The Eye" is over-the-top, high level Speed Metal, unique, technical but not fitting for everyone´s ear. There are a lot of KING DIAMOND haters in this world but I´m shure every KING DIAMOND fan will be super pleased with "The Eye".

In the year 1990 ROADRUNNER RECORDS from The Netherlands did the first pressing of this album.

Re-issue on Black / White Marbled vinyl, this version is limited to 300 numbered copies, it comes with lyric insert and free mp3 download card.