LIK - Carnage LP (White / Blackdust)

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LP | "Carnage"


COLOUR: White / Blackdust

"Carnage" is the second strike of the Death Metal band LIK from Stockholm, Sweden and it´s even better than their debut "Mass Funeral Evocation". The ten songs of "Carnage" have a way bigger DISMEMBER touch than their old material, which is absolutely no mistake. On "Carnage" the band delivers filthy and raw Old School Death Metal and tracks like "To Kill", "Rid You Of Your Flesh", "Left To Die", "Only Death Is Left Alive", ... are proving that this music is not really fitting for weak-hearted posers.

Recent repress on White / Blackdust vinyl limited to 300 numbered copies, this LP is housed in a LP pocket cover, it comes with giant poster, info insert and mp3 download card.