ONSLAUGHT - The Force LP (Transparent Royal Blue)

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LP | "The Force"


COLOUR: Transparent Royal Blue

ONSLAUGHT from Bristol, UK were formed in the Early Eighties and after their debut "Power From Hell" (1985) they released their follow-up called "The Force". Although ONSLAUGHT have been amongst the first UK Thrash Metal, Speed Metal bands you still can hear that this band originally came out of the Punk, Hardcore scene, their sound can be described as very punky Thrash Metal influenced by VENOM, KREATOR, SLAYER, ... , but you can also find parts that remind of Early Eighties UK Crustcore acts like HELLBASTARD, SACRILEGE, ANTISECT, ... (of course the lyric themes are totally different). Nowadays the album "The Force" is called a "Classic" and should be part of every serious Extreme Metal collection.

The first pressing of the "The Force" album was released in the year 1986 on UNDER ONE FLAG, UK.

Limited edition of 250 copies on Transparent Royal Blue vinyl, the LP is housed in a heavy high glossy sleeve, it comes with insert and poster.