PROTECTOR - Live ´89 LP (Transparent Deep-Purple)

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LP | "Live ´89"


COLOUR: Transparent Deep-Purple

PROTECTOR originally from Wolfsburg, (West) Germany were one of the first brutal-as-fuck Thrash Metal, early Death Metal bands out of this country, next to KREATOR, SODOM, EXUMER, ASSASSIN, ... they were they peak of aggressive Eighties Thrash Metal made in Germany.
The ten songs on this album were recorded live at Tor 3 Düsseldorf, Germany on 27.11.1989 (sharing the stage with: RAGE, RISK, PINK CREAM 69, RISK and MONA LIZA OVER DRIVE) and got mastered from an archive cassette copy by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony in 2014. The sound is good but a little bit harsh, which perfectly fits for Eighties Thrash Metal, no clean and polished bullshit that would "kill" songs like "Kain And Abel", "Misantrophy", "Agoraphobia", "Urm The Bad", ... . Sorry folks but the Eighties were a hard time, there was no need for artsy-fartsy wimpy music, and so this live album is a perfect retrospective for this period.

Limited edition of 250 copies on Transparent Deep-Purple vinyl, the LP is housed in a LP pocket sleeve and comes with insert.