RYTMIHÄIRIÖ - Surmatyö 12" EP

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12" EP | "Surmatyö"



RYTMIHÄIRIÖ is a Hardcore, Punk, Thrashcore band from Helsinki, Finland established in 1988 until 1992, the band was reformed 1998 and is active till now. Some of the members also played in FORCA MACABRA, WIND OF PAIN, SLUGSTAIN, ... , in their early days they played pummeling, raw and very aggressive sound with extreme vocals, not shure if the singer is human or a pig. RYTMIHÄIRIÖ perfectly fits for fans of raw finnish Hardcore although it´s a little bit more metallic than usual, KUOLEMA meets FORCA MACABRA or something like that.

"Surmatyö" originally was released in 1990 on SURMATYÖ RECORDS from Finland, the re-issue on SVART RECORDS, also from Finland, includes several bonus tracks from the same session.

Official re-issue limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl, this 12" includes the original insert.