SUFFOCATION - Pinnacle Of Bedlam LP

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LP | "Pinnacle Of Bedlam"



SUFFOCATION from Centereach, New York, USA, active since the year 1989, are famous for their brutal and technical Death Metal, which influenced a lot of later bands. As one of the first Death Metal bands in New York they were founding and creating the scene there. In their early years they mixed Death Metal, New York Hardcore and Grindcore, the result was very unique and something new at that time, within time they mutated to a brain-fucking Death Metal zombie which might attract fans of MORBID ANGEL, DYING FETUS, NILE, INCANTATION, ... .

"Pinneacle Of Bedlam" already is their nineth album and still it is a Death Metal monster, heavy and destructive.

Limited edition on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl with nice gatefold sleeve and extra poster.