VICIOUS CIRCLE - Search For The Solution & More 2 x LP (White)

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2 x LP | "Search For The Solution & More"

2017 | POWER IT UP


VICIOUS CIRCLE from Australia is a very active Punk, Hardcore band and since their start in the year 1983 they put out tons of releases on vinyl as well as on the digital format. Due to their hyper activity VICIOUS CIRCLE might be one of the best known australian Hardcore, Punk bands from this era, but never forget about other great band australian acts like PERDITION, ARM THE INSANE, MASSAPPEAL, DEPRESSION, GASH and many, many others. This country from the other side of the world is a real great place to find very nice, Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grind, ... bands, saddly many of them are very unknown but very often they are as good as acts from Europe, USA or Japan.

This here is the third and last part of the VICIOUS CIRCLE discography and contains tons of songs from this releases / recordings: 
# split LP with YOUTH BRIGADE (1986)
# "Search For The Solution" EP (1985)
# "Circle Of The Doomed" tape (1984)
# "Hope And Wait" MLP (1987)
# two tracks recorded in 1989
# plus twenty raw and early VICIOUS CIRCLE songs recorded live during a gig at The Price Of Wales Club, Australia (1985)

The "Search For The Solution" EP (1985), the split LP with YOUTH BRIGADE (1986) and the "Hope And Wait" MLP (1987) orginally were released on REACTOR RECORDS from Australia, the "Circle Of The Doomed" tape (from 1984) was self-released by the band.

Limited edition of 500 copies on White vinyl, this double album comes with a special twelve sided booklet including a lot information, live photos and other fine artwork stuff.