CR 040

LP | No School No Core (CANCELLED)



CR 041
EP | Bly, Skrot & Hagel (2018) (co-released with PHOBIA REORDS, Czech Republic and RÖVSVETT, Sweden)

500 copies ( OUT NOW)
300 copies on Black vinyl 

100 copies on Orange vinyl

100 copies on Grey vinyl



After the split EP with THE BRISTLES another great new release from the swedish Hardcore, Punk legend RÖVSVETT. In october 2017 the band went to the swedish Studio Underjord to record the four songs of this EP. RÖVSVETT are not like this kind of bands that need to re-invent themselves and their style all the time, good to see that they are "True Till Death". Since the Early Eighties RÖVSVETT are very well-known for their fast and aggressive Hardcore, Punk music, the rough style of their vocalist is very unique and some kind of trademark of the band. The material on this small piece of vinyl is one of strongest and best recorded in the history of the band, definitely a must for every collector of European Eighties related Hardcore.



CR 039
LP | Turn Into Ruins (2018)

499 copies (OUT NOW)
400 copies on Chaos Black vinyl   

99 copies on Blood Red / Black Splatter vinyl (exclusive for the GIVE ´EM HELL mailorder)





CHAOSBRINGER is Death Metal band from St. Petersburg, Russia formed in september 2013. The russian Underground scene is steadily growing, more and more great Punk, Crust bands are getting recognized all over the world and so it´s more than overdue that this huge country is giving birth to an enormous Old School Death Metal beast. Saddly BOLT THROWER is dead, all their albums were re-listened thousands of times, WARMASTER takes ages to release a new album and MEMORIAM isn´t fulfilling all wishes of Die Hard BOLT THROWER fans, so it´s the perfect time for a band like CHAOSBRINGER. It's quite often to see BOLT THROWER comparisons in the descriptions of modern bands, but no one do the style of the mighty Birmigham's Death Metal masters as perfect as russian CHAOSBRINGER do ! And not only musically, but also, and it's very important, aesthetically too, having dedicated their songs to the themes of War and Chaos, in many ways taking inspiration from the Warhammer 40.000 universe.

Particular attention deserves the design of the album. Superb front-cover painted by Serbian artist Nikola Matkovic, well-known for his works for Games Workshop (Warhammer / Warhammer 40.000). In an awesome twelve page booklet, for each of the nine songs of the album is given on a separate page, and for each of them the guitarist Igor drew a separate exclusive drawing. An amazing panorama for the layout of the booklet was drawn by a russian artist / illustrator QSE4.



CR 038
LP | Obuy And Die (2018)

523 copies on Black vinyl (OUT NOW)







NEUROOT is a very well-known Hardcore, Punk band from the Netherlands that was active in the years 1981 - 1987. They got really famous because of their fast and relentless sound, pissed off Eighties Hardcore, Punk for the nerds and Noise freaks. Their first tape "Macht Kaput Was Euch Kaput Macht" (1983), the "Right Is Might" EP (1986) and the "Plead Insanity" LP (1988) are called classic now and should not miss in a well sorted Punk collection. This was the past but now we live in the present and NEUROOT are back. In 2018 the band releases their new album "Obuy And Die", seven songs where recorded in november 2017 at the Rocketdog Studios in Westervoort, The Netherlands to pressed on a Black piece of vinyl. Yes of course the wild youth of the band is gone but that doesn´t mean you have to expect modern Sell-Out Punk Rock. The new NEUROOT material might be a little bit slower, more melodic as many of you might expect, but believe me you will get a full dose of political Punk, Hardcore with some hints of Metal. The band members might have aged a little bit, but they still know how to deliver a great Punk album.



CR 037
EP | Split (2018) (co-released with JUST4FUN RECORDS, PIKE RECORDS and HEPTOWN RECORDS, all are from Sweden)

500 copies on different Coloured vinyl (OUT NOW)

100 copies on Green With Red Stains vinyl (for CIVILISATION RECORDS)





CIVILISATION RECORDS is very proud to take part in this great co-production, two of the oldest and still active Punk, Hardcore bands from Sweden on one slab of vinyl, this will become a classic for shure. No it´s not a re-release of old material, at end of the year 2017 both bands were recording new material for this split EP.

THE BRISTLES, started their career in the year 1982, within time the Eighties Oi influenced Punk, Hardcore of their early days changed into a more modern version of Skandi Hardcore. On their side of the EP they deliver four wonderful songs, fast political Punk music in the vein of the material of their "Last Days Of Capitalism" album from 2015.

RÖVSVETT are a very longlasting Hardcore band too, they were formed in the year 1983 and are still one of the most hard-hitting Hardcore bands coming from Sweden. The bands´ trademark are the raw, raspy and very unique vocals which are supported by fast and aggressive Hardcore, Punk, not into the typical, traditional swedish style, RÖVSVETT are taking influences from old Eighties US Hardcore, Punk bands as well as influences from bands coming from their homeland to create a brew of relentless and fucked up music. Here you´ll get two new songs from the band, maybe some of their best recordings ever, really, really brutal material with powerful production that will satify their Die Hard fans for shure.



CR 036
Split LP | "Suas Torres Douradas Entraráo Em Colapso" (2017) (co-released with ANGRY SCENE RECORDS, UK, DEVIANCE RECORDS, France, ZEBRA RECORDS, Czech Republic and RED STAR, Brasil)

500 copies on Black Vinyl (OUT NOW)

"Your Golden Towers Will Collapse" (this is the english title of the album) is a valid proof that a long-lasting friendship, even the members of the band are separated by a huge ocean, can lead to a powerful and creative co-operation:

ODIO SOCIAL is an active part of the big Punk community in Sao Paulo, Brasil, but they already toured In Europe and have some nice releases out, so they might have been able to get some attention in the international Underground Punk, Hardcore scene. Born and raised in a big city moloch in Southern America, full of crime, poverty, dirt and shit, might as well have influenced the band members as growing up together with legendary brasilian bands like OLHO SECO, RATOS DE PORAO, ARMAGEDOM, ... . On this split LP ODIO SOCIAL present six shorter and raging South American Hardcore, Punk songs, full of fury and "Third World" anger. All material is fast as fuck brutal, unstoppable and the band can´t be ashamed that some people will compare them with the almighty RATOS DE PORAO or the fucked brasilian POISON IDEA.

KILLBITE their split partners are a refreshing band in the actual german Punk, Crust scene, coming from the Northern part of this fucked up country, they already invaded the audience with some nice releases and their steady touring (might it be during the weekends or some shorter trips with friends) help them to spread their noise "nearly everywhere". Yes Crustcore from Germany is back on the map, don´t always look out for UK, USA or Sweden, this fucking part of the world also has essential bands to offer. KILLBITE manages to create a perfect fusion of brutal (butz not hyperfast) Crustcore and a more swedish Death Metal attitude / heaviness without loosing their political (Punk) roots. This five own songs plus the RATOS DE PORAO cover track on their split album side are a perfect proof for the quality of KILLBITE, be aware this Punks will get a lot of attention in the future and really have the potential to become a respected / loved Crust act.



CR 035
LP | Last Days Of Capitalism (2015) (co-released with HEPTOWN RECORDS and PIKE RECORDS, both are from Sweden)

528 copies (OUT NOW)
108 copies on Black vinyl (for CIVILISATION RECORDS)
110 copies on Red vinyl (exclusive for GIVE ´EM HELL mailorder)

THE BRISTLES are a legendary Hardcore, Punk band from Sweden, they started in the year 1982 together with well-known acts like MODERAT LIKVIDATION, THE SHITLICKERS, ANTI-CIMEX, ASTA KASK, HUVUDVÄTT, ... . After all this years the sound of the band still is fresh, simple but very hard and crude, the album "Last Days Of Capitalism" maybe is the heaviest release of THE BRISTLES. The lyrics are based upon actual events that ended up in the economical and political crisis of these days, you can listen to songs against facism, racism, chauvinism, capitalism, war, ... . "Last Days Of Capitalism" is a statement against all the things that were / are going wrong in this world.



CR 034
Picture LP | Split (2015) (co-released with several other international D.I.Y. labels)

1000 copies (OUT NOW)
200 copies come with extra screen printed D.I.Y. fold-out cover

First Picture vinyl release on CIVILISATION RECORDS, two heavy and crushing Crust, Grind, Metal bands from Europe share this amazing looking piece of vinyl:
HERIDA PROFUNDA are a band from Poland and they play Old School Grindcore, Crust, brutal as fuck and super heavy stuff in the vein of TERRORIZER, REPULSION, old AGATHOCLES, NAPALM DEATH, ... .
HELLBASTARD from the UK, they so-called godfathers of Crust, deliver material that already appeared on their "The Need To Kill ..." LP but here you get different versions or mixes as well as unreleased material. Modern HELLBASTARD got adult now, they play variable but still crushing Thrash Metal without forgetting their "ancient" Crust roots.



CR 033
FREDAG DEN 13:E (swe)
LP | Under Iskalla Fanor (2010) (co-released with several other international D.I.Y. labels)

First pressing: 500 copies on Black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve (SOLD OUT)
Second pressing: 500 copies on Black vinyl in normal sleeve with lyric insert(SOLD OUT)

FREDAG DEN 13:E from Gothenborg, Sweden, established in the year 2006, plays raw, aggressive, modern northern style D-Beat, Crustcore, Hardcore. They are taking their main influences from swedish bands like WOLFPACK, SKITSYSTEM, VICTIMS, … but also add rocking parts á la MOTÖRHEAD or POISON IDEA. “Under Iskalla Fanor” is their debut album and got released as a coproduction of several labels coming from France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.


CR 032
LP | The Need To Kill: Rage, Murder, Revenge & Retaliations … The Rise Of The Working Classes ... (2009)

800 copies on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl (STILL AVAILABLE)
200 copies on 180 gram heavy coloured vinyl (White, Grey or Black / White Marbled) (STILL AVAILABLE)

HELLBASTARD are back, after many, many years of silence the Metal Crusties from the UK deliver a brand new album. Singer and guitarist Scruff (only left member from the old line-up) added two new members, then they went to the HELLFIRE Studios in Birmingham and recorded 14 furious Metal sonx for this LP. Some people will be surprised that the new sound is very metallic but I love the new songs. Crushing, fast and thrashy sonx with a lot of variety, way more modern Thrash Metal than the metallic Crust HELLBASTARD used to play in the past. This is the new HELLBASTARD of today !!!! Listen to their sound, bang your head and jump around like a maniac !!!


CR 030
LP | Split (2008)

500 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
European pressing

On this split release you can find a dual overdose of brutal modern Grindcore, Power-Violence from The United States, both bands are hyperfast and offer massive musical destruction.
MAGRUDERGRIND from Washingston , D.C. are devastating to the max, unstoppable speed, shredding guitars, blastbeat drums and very fucked up vocals, this here totally fits for fans of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, KILL THE CLIENT, PHOBIA, DISCORDANCE AXIS, DYING FETUS, … .
SHITSTORM from Gainsville / Miami, Florida offers chaotic and very hectic Grindcore, Old School sound for the ones who like NAPALM DEATH (on LSD), INSECT WARFARE, WASTEOID, CATHETER, … .


CR 029
LP | Same (20??)



SLEEP FURIOUS were a female fronted Hardcore, Crust, Punk from Israel, their sound is very melodic, depressive but still powerful, something inbetween TRAGEDY, H.H.I.G., WITCHHUNT, LOST WORLD, … but with more melody and sad (but not negative) emotions. This release is still on hold for a lot reasons, but it´s not forgotten and hopefully this LP finally will see the light of day in the future.


CR 028
LP | The Truth Is Out (2007) (co-released with UNDISLESSED, France)

500 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)






SECURITY THREAT has been a really great band from Denver, Colorado, USA, featuring members of CATHETER and BLACK LUNG, two of the longest lasting bands from this filthy, rotten city. SECURITY THREAT plays catchy, pissed off and fucking fast D-Beat, Crustcore, like newer US Crustcore mixed up with swedish harsh Punkcore, their main influences were WOLFBRIGADE (early stuff), SKITSYSTEM, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, STATE OF FEAR or DISRUPT.



CR 027

LP | Quo Vadis? (2006) (co-released with DISYOUTH, Germany)

500 copies on Black vinyl (STILL AVAILABLE)
There also a limited LP box, 30 hand-numbered copies made for CIVILISATION RECORDS and IN NOMINE CHRISTI, the normal LP comes in a spray painted D.I.Y. cardboard box, also including a IN NOMINE CHRISTI t-shirt and one inch button (STILL AVAILABLE)

After DEKADENT, a Crust, Punk band from Germany, broke up two members, Jogi and Hippy, created a new project called IN NOMINE CHRISTI and due to the lack of a physical drummer the integrated a drum machine into the band. Musicwise they still follow their old Anarcho Punk roots but it´s mixed with slower Industrial, depressive Doom, Crust, hard to describe their sound, maybe GODFLESH, PITCHSHIFTER meets AMEBIX, AXEGRINDER. It´s very unique and interesting, the additional vocals from Tanja, also ex-DEKADENT, bring back good memories of their old band DEKADENT.


CR 026
EP | Dawn Of A New Beginning (2006) (co-released with CAGE MATCH FEDERATION, Sweden)

1000 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

AMBULANCE has been some kind of swedish all-star with people that are / were also involved in bands such as 365 DAGAR AV SYND, HUMAN WASTE, TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER, INSURGENT KID, … . A lot of musical experience was brought into this band and so AMBULANCE ends up in being a fucking great D-Beat, Hardcore act, in my opinion one of the best acts in this genre, modern and brutal swedish Hardcore in the vein of SKITSYSTEM, WOLFBRIGADE or VICTIMS meets epic and melodic Crust, Punk from the USA, yes were are speaking about TRAGEDY, REMAINS OF THE DAY, FROM ASHES RISE, … .


CR 025
CATHETER / F.U.B.A.R (usa / nl)
LP / CD | Split (2004)

400 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100 copies on Green vinyl (SOLD OUT)

CATHETER / USA and F.U.B.AR. / The Netherlands are teaming up to this split release of brutal and raw Grindcore, Power-Violence.
CATHETER from Denver, Colorado are into very aggressive Grindcore mixed with some Crustcore influences, from crushing and slow Sludge, Doom parts to blastbeat Power-Violence, Grindcore this band knows how to play their tunes with ultimate perfection, no need to drop some names of famous bands because CATHETER will become a legend of its own.
Weert / Volkel located in the nice flatlands of Holland gave birth to the Grindcore, Power-Violence act F.U.B.A.R. which delivers a harsh mix of Old School Grindcore, Fastcore and Power-Violence. Their sound is very filthy, pissy and angry, this music here will attract fans of NAPALM DEATH (old), BLOOD I BLEED, MATKA TERESA, UNHOLY GRAVE, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, … .


CR 024
LP / CD | Split (2004)

LP: 500 copies on Orange vinyl (SOLD OUT)
CD: 1000 copies in a jewelcase and with booklet (SOLD OUT)

The title of this split release is “Time To Face Extinction” and there´s no doubt that this two bands here are trying to speed up that process.
BIRDFLESH are from Växjö, Sweden and are cruising around in the Grindcore scene since 1992. Their music is aggressive Old School Grindcore in the typical northern, skandinavian style, not unlike NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND, DEATHBOUND, SPLITTER, …, but what makes this band outstanding is their sick sense of humour, their crazy, fucked up lyrics and their funny live appearances. This guys are over the top and more interesting than most of the standard Grind sound of these days.
The second band on this split album is CATHETER hailing from Denver, Colorado, USA and they are on the same level as their partner band. CATHETER delivers bulldozing and devastating Grindcore, Power-Violence, Crust massively influenced by such legendary acts as PHOBIA, REPULSION, TERRORIZER, … , no they are not a bling copy, this bands takes influences from many different styles and mixes them up to their very own style.


CR 023

CD | Made To Be Broken (2004) (co-released with PER KORO RECORDS, Germany)

1000 copies housed in a DVD box and with extra booklet (STILL AVAILABLE)

PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING was a Hardcore, Punk trio from Southern, Germany formed by ex members of FULL NOISE NINE, 100 % GOREBEAT, SEUCHENHERD and STAGNATION´S END. They played weird, nerve-splitting and metallic Hardcore, like FROM ASHES RISE, CATHARSIS, ... meet the evil and sludgey parts of older NEUROSIS. Very fucked up and absolutely freaked out sound for the fans of the wicked music.



CR 022
CD | Do You Love Grind ? 7” Compilation (2004)

1000 copies in a jewelcase and with booklet (SOLD OUT)

CATHETER are a fucking Grindcore, Crust bulldozer from Denver, Colorado, USA, their sound ranges from slow and heavy Sludge tunes, crushing mid-tempo Crust to blast-beat Grindcore. CATHETER perfectly fits for the folks who love REPULSION, PHOBIA, old TERRORIZER, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, … .
„Do You Love Grind ?” is compilation including the songs from the split EP´s with BENT OVER BACKWARDS, FIENDEAD, FORCED INSTINCT, BLACK MARKET FETUS and FUKROT (all USA), the songs from the “I.N.R.I.” EP and the material from the V.A. “Mechanized Death: A Tribute To THE ACCÜSED” Comp. 2 x EP.


CR 020 / 021
2 x CD | No Speed Limit Vol. 3 Compilation (2002) (co-released with ABHORRENT CREATION TAPES and UNDISLESSED, both are from France)

1000 copies with booklet (twelve pages) in the size of an EP cover (SOLD OUT)

The “No Speed Limit Vol. 3” double CD is the last part of this compilation series and once again several international Hardcore, Fastcore, Punk, Crust, Grind, Sludge, Noise, … appear on one release (ok in this case on two CD´s). All this great acts can be found on the compilation: COSTA´S CAKE HOUSE, ENTRAILS MASSACRE, ERADICATE, EYEHATELUCY, KENT BROCKMAN, MINDFLAIR, THE BROKEN SOULS, GO GET THEM SURGEONS, MIND (all Germany), DROGHEDA, ABSTAIN (both USA), ENTROPIA, JILTED, TORQUEMADA, ONE EYED CYCLOPS, VALLIUM (all Italy), HATE CORROSION, MANIFEST, ROT, DISCHORD, PARENTAL ADVISORY (all Brasil), MENTALLY PARASITE, OBLITERATE, THE PUBLIC (all Slovakia), MIXOMATOSIS (Spain), SCUMBRIGADE, SEWN SHUT (both Sweden), SLUMS, VÖMIT FOR BREAKFAST (both France), ANAL INTRUDER, CONTROL MECHANISM, HATED PRINCIPLES, IRRITATE (all Finland), BLOODSUCKERS (Belgium), CONGENITAL HAEMORRHOIDS, UNHOLY GRAVE (both Japan), DISJONCTION, OPPRESSED CONSCIENCE, URBAN TRASH (all Canada), MIGRA VIOLENTA (Argentina) and ONANIZER (Czech Republic).


CR 019

LP | Split (2002) (co-released with POWERBLAST RECORDS, TOBACCO SHIT RECORDS, both are from Canada)

1000 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

North America offers a quite huge range of brutal Crust. D-Beat, Punk, Hardcore bands and here you can find two of these acts:
DESPITE deep out of the bowles of Wisconsin, USA offered savage and really brutal Crust, Grind, Thrash with rough production. A massive attack of pure D-Beat, Hardcore, Punk with really low tuned sound and totally guttural vocals
HELLBOUND, some members later founded the band AFTER THE BOMBS, from Montreal, Canada played raw and straight forward Skandi D-Beat, Crustcore with male / female trade off vocals, this stuff is totally in the vein of WOLFPACK, early WOLFBRIGADE, SKITSYSTEM, … mixed with Stenchcore à la SACRILEGE, HELLBASTARD, AMEBIX, … .



CR 018

MIND (ger)
LP | … Mind Your Own Business (2002) (co-released with RAYMENT RECORDS, ANOMIE RECORDS and RÖDEL RECORDS, all Germany)

1011 copies (altogether) housed in a nice gatefold cover (SOLD OUT)
900 copies on Black vinyl
80 copies on Transparent Red vinyl
20 copies on Dark Red

MIND is a very powerful Grindcore, Crust duo from Berlin, Germany, after having released the “Inner Weakness” 10”, the “New Homes For The Rich” 5” EP, the split EP´s with DISTRESS (b) and INWARD (ger) they finally unleashed their first 12” upon mankind. The sound on this release is very heavy, downtuned and unbelievable powerful, primitive but unstoppable Grindcore, Crust in the vein of TERRORIZER, E.N.T., early NASUM, PHOBIA.



CR 017
EP | Split (2001) (co-released with several international D.I.Y. labels)

1400 copies on Black vinyl with fold-out cover / booklet (SOLD OUT)


















This split vinyl delivers two harsh and fast Hardcore, Punk, Crust bands from the hyper active scene in the Czech Republic:
MINDLOCK, which singer also play(ed) in the bands GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE and SUNSHINE GENOCIDE, offers downtuned and very heavy Grindcore, Crust in the vein of PHOBIA, INFEST, LACK OF INTEREST, … .
SEE YOU IN HELL, the follow-up of the famous act MRTVÁ BUDOUCNOST, plays fast and very chaotic Hardcore, Crust influenced by european Eighties Hardcore and touched by raw japanese Punk.



CR 016
LP | Split (2001)

1000 copies on Red vinyl (SOLD OUT)

The title of this split is “The Last And The Latest Recordings”: STAGNATION´S END splitted up some times before this release and here they offer the songs from their last recording session, two members of STAGANTION´S END (singer and drummer) teamed up with the ex-SEUCHENHERD bassist and created the bastard called PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING, their first recordings can be founded here on this split release.
STAGNATION´S END from Southern Germany has been a crushing Hardcore band, they managed to mix brutal US influenced fast Hardcore with the sound that later was called Emo or Screamo. The bands last recordings was the heaviest stuff they ever did, fast, fierce and blasting Hardcore, Punk with some HIS HERO IS GONE, early TRAGEDY, … touch.
PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING, a power trio (guitar / vocals, bass and drums), tried to go into a different direction: their sound is harsh and nerve-splitting, imagine a mix of earlier NEUROSIS, CATHARSIS and FROM ASHES RISE brought together by three south german freaks and transformed into metallic Hardcore, Crust, Noise.


CR 015
HARSH (fin)
MCD | Reality (2000)

1000 copies with a small booklet in EP cover size (SOLD OUT)

HARSH was a Grindcore, Power-Violence, Fastcore band founded in Finland in the year 1995 and some of their main influences were US bands like INFEST, SPAZZ, STAPLED SHUT, GODSTOMPER, … . During the years their style developed from straight forward, fast and chaotic Core to a more complicated Power-Violence, Grind, Hardcore, … fusion with lots of tempo changes, strange riffs, stop-and-go´s and spastic blast beats. Their sound was very unique at that time, especially they used bass guitar only and renouced to use “normal” guitars.


CR 014
CD | No Speed Limit Vol. 2 Compilation (1999)

1000 copies with fold-out cover in EP size and extra booklet (SOLD OUT)

Second part of a compilation series called “No Speed Limit”, once again a lot of international Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grind, Power-Violence, Noise, … bands together on one release, many different styles, unknown or better known, D.I.Y. as well as more “professional” material, no matter what. Following bands were / are on this compilation: FURNACE, IRRITATE, HAPTO (all Finland), MORBUS PARKINSON, YACÖPSAE, TUMULT, COSTA´S CAKE HOUSE, FULL NOISE NINE (all Germany), PRIMITIV BUNKO, 3 MINUTES OF CHIASSE, JEAN X SEBERG (all France), SEIZED (Canada), GRIEVANCE, ONE EYED CYCLOPS, CRIPPLE BASTARDS (all Italy), SU 19B (Japan), ROT (Brasil), 2 MINUTOS DE ODIO, MIXOMATOSIS (both Spain), TWISTED TRUTH (Czech Republic) and LOS AKA ROADKILL (Slovenija ?).


CR 013
EP | Same (1998 ) (co-released with JAY WALK, Slovenia), (repress in 2001, CIVILISATION RECORDS only)

First pressing: 1000 copies on Black vinyl with fold-out full colored cover (SOLD OUT)










Second pressing: 1000 copies on Black vinyl also with fold-out cover but different artwork (Silver print on Black cardboard) (SOLD OUT)







SEUCHENHERD from Germany, formed out of the ashes of 100 % GOREBEAT, which had a nice split EP with local Grind heros FULL NOISE NINE, was a local and saddly very unknown Grindcore, Crust, Power-Violence from Günzburg, a small city in the southern part of Germany. Their stuff was very fast, hard-hitting and pissed of to the max, both vocalists were totally destructive, guitar / bass work was powerful and the drumming was unbelievable brutal. SEUCHENHERD was / is perfect for fans of DISRUPT, PHOBIA, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, … , later the bassist, vocalist joined the band PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING, other members played in local, more or less unknown bands.



CR 012
EP | No Speed Limit Vol. 1 Compilation (1998)

1000 copies with a small booklet in EP cover size (SOLD OUT)

This is the first part of a compilation series called “No Speed Limit” which purpose has been to bring together a lot of different bands, no matter what style (of course mainly Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Metal, …), no matter if their music is professional or not and no matter if they play fast or slow tunes. The bands that contributed songs here are: GOMORRHA, AMEN 81, SEUCHENHERD (all GERMANY), as well as IRRITATE and HAPTO (both from Finland).


CR 011
LP | 1991 – 1995 Los Primeros Gritos (1998) (co-released with several D.I.Y. labels from Europe)

6000 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

LOS CRUDOS is a D.I.Y. political Hardcore, Punk band from Chicago, Illinois, USA fronted by singer Martin Sorrondeguy, all other members are/were of latin decent all the lyrics are sung in spanish. LOS CRUDOS plays very fast Latin Hardcore with pissed off vocals and very aware lyrics about U.S. imperialism, racism, xenophobia and economic inequality. Being all Latinos, they paved the way for later spanish-speaking Punk bands in the USA and helped to increase the prescene of Latinos in the predominantly white Punk subculture.
This here is the european pressing of a compilation of older and rare 7” EP´s and comes with booklet including the lyrics and info about all the releasing labels.


CR 010
LP | Gedankenlautwerden (1998) (co-released with AN´S BEIN PISSEN RECORDS, Germany)

First pressing: 1000 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
Second pressing: 500 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Being amongst one of the first emotional Hardcore, Screamo bands coming from Germany, STAGNATION´S END has been more or less unique (at that time). After releasing their first “S/T” EP they left their Old School Hardcore path and with debut full album called “Gedankenlautwerden” they released a real masterpiece: very brutal and fast Hardcore with fucked up and pissed off Screamo outbreaks, not unlike early THE LOCUST, SWING KIDS, PG. 99,… .
STAGNATION´S END got quite a good attention in Germany (mainly in the southern part), but they were way too unknown in the international scene. Contemporary or later german bands with similar sound like LINSAY, ENFOLD, ACHEBORN, LOXIRAN, CAROL, … had way more success, maybe a little bit more touring and more releases, who knows, maybe STAGNATION´S END would have become a real big Hardcore band


CR 009
LP | Civilisation Backwards Compilation (1998)

First pressing: 500 copies on Black vinyl with fold-out cover and booklet (SOLD OUT)










Second pressing: 500 copies on Black vinyl with different fold-out cover and different artwork (SOLD OUT)







International Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Grind and Power-Violence compilation with more or less well-known acts from over the planet including:




CR 008
EP | Wacht Endlich Auf ! (1996)

1050 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
1050 copies on Yellow vinyl (SOLD OUT)
Both editions came with huge fold-out poster cover

DEKADENT was an Anarcho Punk, Crustcore band from Giengen, a small city located in the southern part of Germany. They played very political Peace Punk, Anarcho Punk with dual female / male trade of vocals, while the female singer did most of the work. The main influences of the band were older Anarcho Punk bands, CONFLICT, CRASS (main influence concerning the bands artwork style) , ANTISECT, … only to name a few, but also Deutsch Punk and Crust influences can be heard. Saddly DEKADENT never got attention from a bigger audience, but that doesn´t mean this band is bad or boring, saddly they never toured that much to present their music in all parts of this world like other Punk, Crust acts did.


CR 007
EP | Split (1996)

1050 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

Anarcho Punk, Peace Punk from Germany meets raw Punk, Hardcore from Finland.
DEKADENT coming from a small village in South Germany delivers their great kind of D.I.Y. political Punk, Crust with strong female vocals, totally in the vein of CRASS, early ANTISECT, CONFLICT, … but with more german Punk influences, while PERUUTUS from Finland, in some ways connected with the legendary Punk label FIGHT RECORDS, totally is into old, traditional Early Eighties Punk made in Finland, this band is good for maniacs that like KAAOS, BASTARDS, SORTO, APPENDIX, … .


CR 006
EP | Same (1996)

1050 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)

STAGNATION´S END was a Hardcore band coming from the deep, deep bavarian countryside, this act was formed by members of locals bands like FULL NOISE NINE, CRUNCHER, … and in their early days they were massively influenced by U.S. SxE Hardcore bands (musicwise, not attitude), even their name was taken from a STRIFE song. This EP is quite good debut release but later material of the band is way more aggressive, powerful and really unique.


CR 005
EP | Split (1996)

333 copies on Black vinyl with fold-out cover (SOLD OUT)


















ANONIMNI ALKOHOLIKI and BLOODSUCKERS, both were / are coming from Slovenia, share this piece of vinyl:
ANONIMNI ALKOHOLIKI are total maniacs, they play extreme and primitive Noisecore, Punk for those who also like PERMANENT DEATH, ATENTAT NAH SLUH, BUKA, PATARENI, MUNDO DE MIERDA. No music, no talent. only pure Noise for the totally fucked up.
BLOODSUCKERS play fast and very aggressive Hardcore with a solid metallic edge, saddly the songs on this split EP were there only output on vinyl.



CR 003

EP | Split (1996)