LP | Ban The Punkshops (EARLY / MID 2019)



LP | Den Falske Kakaoinspektören (EARLY / MID 2019)



LP | Kopflos (EARLY / MID 2019)



PICTURE EP | Religion Sucks (EARLY / MID 2019)




TARGET OF DEMAND / STAND TO FALL (austria / austria)
LP | Split (2018 / 2019)


400 copies on Black vinyl

100 copies on Three Colour Striped vinyl: Transparent Green / Red / Yellow





Austria is not very well-known for having a lot of great Hardcore, Punk bands, but this split is the perfect proof that there are over-the-top Hardcore, Punk acts that are not coming from Germany, UK, U.S.A., Japan, … . TARGET OF DEMAND as well as STAND TO FALL are one of the best Mid / Later Eighties coming from Europe and are playing in the same league as other contemporary bands like LÄRM, HERESY, HEIBEL, ZYKLOME A, … .


TARGET OF DEMAND from Linz, Austria were formed in the year 1985 and were in existence till 1990. They are more on the melodic side on this split release, still powerful and sometimes faster, but full of nice melodies and strong (personal) lyrics. All six songs here are very impressive and intelligent, only topped by their later album “Gruss” (1989), you can see that TARGET OF DEMAND has been full of potential, even in their earlier days when their sound was more rough than their later material. Comparisons with the german Punk band EA 80 are not completely wrong, especially when you listen to the more melancholic and sad songs, but TARGET OF DEMAND had their own style.


STAND TO FALL also from Linz, Austria were active from 1987 – 1994. They were among the first bands to emerge from the KAPU scene in Linz. The KAPU is an alternative arts / culture center and was the breeding ground for several bands and artists from the Linz area. STAND TO FALL played an interesting mix of fast, aggressive metallic Hardcore with pissed off vocals (close to the voice of Blaine Cook, the lead singer of the ACCÜSED) and slower,melodic Punk parts with “clean” vocals. All six songs are full of variety and totally energetic, perfect for the fans of Eighties thrashy, fast Hardcore that also love the more quiet parts of melodic Punk.

The TARGET OF DEMAND / STAND TO FALL Split LP originally was released in the year 1988 on the label X-PORT PLATER from Norway (operated by Gunnar, the singer of SO MUCH HATE), this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 12” format. The music is taken directly from the original vinyl (restored and mastered by Philip Huemer in the KAPU AUDIO SOLUTIONS studio in Linz, Austria) and due to the demand of the ex-band members the cover artwork got completely changed.




EP | Stand Alone (2018)

400 copies on Black vinyl

100 copies on Colour In Colour: Milky Clear Outside / Gold Inside vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover





THE FIEND were formed way back in 1980 in a small town called Hebburn near Newcastle, UK and, because of their fast hard hitting sound, quickly attracted a large following from the mainstream punk scene. They were widely regarded as the first Hardcore, Punk band from the North of England, releasing their first recording, "What Future" on the "We Won´t Be Your Fucking Poor" album on Mortarhate Records. THE FIEND were getting a lot of attention from record companies at that time and settled on ENDANGERED RECORDS owned by the infamous Steven Beaty (later owner of CANDLELIGHT RECORDS and PLASTIC HEAD DISTRIBUTION). In 1985 THE FIEND released their first single "Stand Alone" EP, which received great acclaim reaching number one in the independent charts and further enhancing their already growing reputation as one of the scene´s hardest hitting bands. Built on that reputation the record company and THE FIEND went from strength to strength and THE FIEND played many concerts all over the UK with such bands as CONFLICT, ICONS OF FILTH, AMEBIX and ANTI SECT, who also joined them on ENDANGERED RECORDS. THE FIEND in their early days were massively influenced by contemporary Early Eighties (D-Beat) Hardcore bands like "almighty" DISCHARGE, THE VARUKERS, CONFLICT, ICONS OF FILTH, ..., this repress will please a lot of Punx (old and young) for shure.

"Stand Alone" originally was released in the year 1985 on the british label ENDANGERED MUSIC, this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.




UPSET NOISE / WARFARE ? (italy / italy)
EP | Split (2017)


400 copies on Black vinyl

100 copies on White / Magenta Splatter vinyl





This split is another rare gem of the Early Eighties Hardcore, Punk scene, very hard to find in a good condition and for a fair price, originally released in 1984 by the bands in a total D.I.Y. way, the way it should be, with all the imperfection and mistakes that makes a Punk release really likeable. All ten songs (five from each band) were recorded in novembre 1983 in the Oasis Studio, in Goriza, Italy.


UPSET NOISE were formed in Trieste, Italy in the Early Eighties and in their beginnings they played raw, pissed off and faster Hardcore, Punk in the vein of NEGAZIONE, INDIGESTI, DECLINO, ... . On this split EP the present their first recordings on vinyl, really raw, primitive and aggressive material, totally different from their Crossover, Thrashcore sound they played in their later years.


WARFARE ? are a very poltical Punk band formed in the year 1981 in Goriza, Italy, they didn´t play that typical frantic and fast italian Hardcore, Punk like many others of their country did at that time, WARFARE ? were more influenced by Anarcho Punk band like CRASS, CONFLICT, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, ... . On this split EP the band plays more mid-tempo Anarcho Punk with dual male vocals and also some experimental parts were included into their sound.

The UPSET NOISE / WARFARE ? Split EP originally was released in the year 1984 by the bands themselves, this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.




EP | Viel Zeit Bleibt uns Nicht Mehr (2017)

399 copies on Black vinyl

100 copies on Two Colour Split: Highlighter Yellow / Red vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover





NEBENWIRKUNG is one of the earliest Punk, Hardcore bands coming from (Northern) Germany, the city of Bremen to be exact, and they love to play their music in the raw and fast way. Saddly not as well-known as their big brothers from INFERNO or VORKRIEGSPHASE, but as well an essential part of the Eighties Punk scene in Germany (and the rest of the world). After their debut EP “Fick Den Papst” (1984), some might know it under the name “Gewalt” (the title “Fick Den Papst”, means "Fuck The Pope", was way too offensive at that time) and their split LP with DIS-ORGANIZED BUNCH OF FUCKERS (also from Germany, released on PÖBEL RECORDS, Germany in 1985). NEBENWIRKUNG released their second EP “Viel Zeit Bleibt uns Nicht Mehr” in the year 1987. The sound on this EP is way more metallic and a little bit more “complex” than their early material, no of course it´s not like the band became a melodic, sell-out clone, “Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr” offers three aggressive Punk, Eighties Hardcore trax and two of them are in the faster way. This EP is one of the best Later Eighties Hardcore, Punk releases coming from Germany and really worth to be re-released again.

"Viel Zeit Bleibt Uns Nicht Mehr" originally was released in the year 1987 by the band itself, this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.




EP | Fick Den Papst (2017)

347 copies on Black vinyl

150 copies on Side A / Side B Effect: Bloodred / Bone vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover (75 copies with Black print on Golden cardboard, 75 copies with Black print on Silver cardboard)




NEBENWIRKUNG is a band from Bremen-Nord, Germany which was founded in june 1980, they were amongst the first german bands that played aggressive, brutal and pissed-off Hardcore, Punk, together with other acts like INFERNO, VORKRIEGSJUGEND, VORKRIEGSPHASE, BOSKOPS, BLUT + EISEN, ... they started to play Punk in their own style, far away from the typical Late Seventies UK sound that has been popular at that time. In the Early Eighties the living conditions for Punks in Germany haven´t been nice (like everywhere else) and so their music was raw and really offensive. The world hated the Punks and the Punks were hating the world.

"Fick Den Papst" originally was released on HEIMAT RECORDS from Germany in the year 1984, this here will become the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.




EP | Boys Will Be Boys (2016)

292 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
105 copies on Royal Blue vinyl
103 copies on Two Colour Split: Gold / Transparent vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover (Black print on Silver cardboard)


In later february 1984 the band THE BRISTLES from Sweden recorded the songs for their second 7" EP "Boys Will Be Boys", the band improved their musical skills and their songwriting in a massive way and left out the Oi! influences you could hear on their debut EP. "Boys Will Be Boys" offers four great, powerful and pissed off songs, expect Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Sweden, no D-Beat, no Käng, just pure Hardcore full of anger and teenage angst. Once again THE BRISTLES deliver a valid proof that swedish bands can do great music without being influenced by DISCHARGE only, this release here is for fans of E.A.T.E.R., RÖVSVETT, RAPED TEENAGERS, NONCENS, NYX NEGATIV, ... .

"Boys Will Be Boys" originally was released on ROCKIN´ REBEL RECORDS from Sweden in the year 1984, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.



EP | Don´t Give Up (2016)

325 copies on Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100 copies on Bronze vinyl
100 copies on Piss Yellow / Kelly Green Splatter vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover (Black print on Silver cardboard)


THE BRISTLES from Landskrona, Sweden were formed in the year 1982, the band name was inspired by the title of the G.B.H. album "Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne". THE BRISTLES started their career in the beginning of the second wave of Punk and were influenced by bands like THE EXPLOITED and developed from Punk with OI! influences to a Raw Punk band. Together with swedish bands like ASTA KASK, SÖTLIMPA, EXISTENZ, MODERAT LIKVIDATION, NONCENS, E.A.T.E.R., ANTI-CIMEX and many others, THE BRISTLES were the new breed of fast playing bands that released mostly singles and played a lot of gigs. The band broke up in 1985 and re-united first time in 1996 and since 2008 the band is fully active again.

"Don´t Give Up" originally was released in 1983 on BRISTLES PUNK AND SKIN RECORDS from Sweden, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.


G-ANX (sweden)
2 x LP | Flashbacks (2015, second pressing 2016)

423 copies on Standard Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
100 copies on Coloured vinyl: White / Silver Haze Effect and White / Gold Haze Effect, comes with extra inlay cover (Black print on Golden cardboard) (SOLD OUT)

323 copies on Solid Blue vinyl (SOLD OUT

100 copies on Milky Clear / Red Splatter vinyl, will come with extra inlay cover (STILL AVAILABLE)

                                                   50 copies on Milky Clear / Red Splatter vinyl and 50 copies on Solid Blue vinyl will come in a LP box

                                                   with some other extras (STILL AVAILABLE)


G-ANX was a legendary Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore band from Sweden, the band roughly existed from 1983 / 1984 till 1992, saddly they are still on hiatus, but some members are playing in the Doom, Crust band COUNTERBLAST. Early G-ANX stuff sounded more like Punk, Punk Rock but later it changed into aggressive, fast Hardcore, Grind style, sudden tempo changes, great melodies, tragic "ballads" and even some few Reggae influences made (and still make) this band outstanding amongst all this "legendary" Eighties / Early Nineties Punk, Hardcore, Crust bands.

The incomplete discography that includes the bands vinyl output (three full EP's, the split EP with FILTHY CHRISTIANS), two songs that already have been released on the "Flashbacks" CD and eleven bonus songs taken from various demos / rehearsal sessions recorded from 1984 - 1986.




LP | Heading For Internal Darkness (2010)

850 copies on Standard Black vinyl (SOLD OUT)
150 copies on Clear vinyl (SOLD OUT)


HELLBASTARD is a pioneering Crust, Punk band from Newcastle, UK which was founded around 1984 / 1985 with the intention to play more anarchist D.I.Y. Punk music but with a more metallic sound. Next to bands like DEVIATED INSTINCT, AXEGRINDER, CIVILISED SOCIETY ?, ANTISECT, … they were / are amongst the leading UK bands in that genre. The early HELLBASTARD sound is a mixture of early, raw Thrash Metal and Anarcho Punk, Hardcore of that time, later this style was named Crust.

"Heading For Internal Darkness" was the debut album of HELLBASTARD orginally released on MEANTIME RECORDS, UK in the year 1988. This official re-issue comes with the original but revised artwork, an fold-out lyric, info insert and the song "Deadlock" as extra bonus (this song has been a part of the "They Brought Death" EP released on TEMPLE OF LOVE RECORDS, Germany in the year 1988).