WARWOUND - A Huge Black Cloud (The Demos 1983) LP

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LP | "A Huge Black Cloud (The Demos 1983)"



WARWOUND are a Punk, Hardcore band from Birmigham, UK formed in the year 1982, in autumn of 1983 some members formed THE VARUKERS and after another founding member left the band in 1984 to form SACRILEGE, WARWOUND, as it was, ceased to be. Some friends of the original band continued under the WARWOUND name for some times afterwards, but WARWOUND has been more or less dead. In the year 2015 the band was reformed again, some few live gigs were played and recently a new album was released too. WARWOUND is one of the first bands ever to take D-Beat, Punk to a raw and intense level, yes their sound is very similar to DISCHARGE or THE VARUKERS but is this is big problem ???

All songs (including a DISCHARGE cover) were taken from the three demo tapes the band recorded in the year 1983.

This here is the US pressing on Black vinyl (the CD version was released on BOSS TUNEAGE from the UK), the lyrics are printed on the backside of the LP cover.