AMON AMARTH - With Oden On Our Side LP (Golden / Yellow Marbled)

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LP  | "With Oden On Our Side"


COLOUR: Orange / Brown Marbled

The fans of the swedish band AMON AMARTH are countless (as well as their number of haters of course) and it seems that the band has found the perfect recipe to cure the longings of their fans. In the last years the Middle Ages got more and more attention in the mainstream, festivals and events always are attended by a real crowd, more and more musicians, bands are using instruments of these time or are singing about this period in history. You´re a band from Sweden, are into Death Metal, Black Metal and got interest into the history of old Sweden, the times where the Viking warriors ruled this part of the world, why not mixing both interests and play heavy, low-tuned but melodic Death Metal, Black Metal with lyrics about war, warriors and ancient gods. AMON AMARTH have found their stlye of their own and the fans love them for that, even a lot of bands got influenced by them.

AMON AMARTH´s album number seven called "With Oden On Our Side" originally was released on METAL BLADE RECORDS in the year 2006.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Golden / Yellow Marbled vinyl that comes with large two-sided poster and with extra lyric insert.