ASOCIAL - Död Åt Kapitalismen LP (Black)

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LP | "Död Åt Kapitalismen"

2017 | F.O.A. D. RECORDS 


Swedish Hardcore pioneers ASOCIAL are back after being on hiatus for twenty-three years, it´s their first recording since the year 1994 and as expected this band takes no prisoners, their new material is as raw and brutal as in the good old days, savage Hardcore combining the traditional svandinavian approach with a solid D-Beat structure. Ten songs that are taking the best features of the bands´ previous works pushing them into a new devastating stage: speed, anger, vitriolic vocals and a solid production makes this total Scandicore smasher a total must for fans of ANTI-CIMEX, CRUDE SS, TOTALITÄR, AVSKUM, ... .

This version comes on Black vinyl limited to 400 copies and is housed in a heavy gatefold cover.