GAUZE - 限界は何処だ LP

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LP | "限界は何処だ"



GAUZE is a legendary Hardcore, Punk band from Japan, since the band formed in the year 1981, GAUZE has been a major influence in the local (= japanese) Hardcore scene as well as in the Underground Hardcore scene all around this globe. According to Shin, the bass player, the original plan was to play as fast as possible, they attempted to give the impression of playing fast without actually playing fast. "限界は何処だ" is the third release of the band, after already having two great previous albums called "Fuckheads" (1985) and "Equalizing Distort" (1986), and it´s a crushing output as well, perfectly for fans of Early Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Japan like SYSTEMATIC DEATH, KURO, OUTO, DEATH SIDE, ... .

The original pressing came out in the year 1991 on SELFISH RECORDS from Japan and is rare and expensive as hell. 

Limited Fanclub edition (500 copies altogether), this is the standard version of 400 copies on Black vinyl, the LP comes in a thicker pocket cover with original artwork, a double sided A3 lyric poster and a full colour A3 photo poster, as bonus you´ll get a A3 poster plus a sticker (both were not available in the original pressing).