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AMON AMARTH – Surtur Rising LP (Clear Signal-Orange)


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1 vorrätig

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LP  | „Surtur Rising“
COLOUR: Clear Signal-Orange
You know AMON AMARTH, let´s not beat about the bush, the band is the most famous Melodic Death Metal export from Sweden, but they´re not that successful because of their variety and innovative song writing, the band exactly knows what their fans want and so they deliver the sound that pleases them to the max. With a steady growing fanbase a lot of Metalheads call AMON AMARTH a commercial sell-out act, only in it for the cash, but their Die-Hard fans are „true till death“.  It´s slightly hard finding good comparisons for AMON AMARTH, since they mostly just sound like themselves, but compared to the band´s previous release „Twilight Of The Thunder God“ (2008), the song material on „Surtur Rising“ is generally faster and the overall feeling gears more towards heaviness, while catchiness is decidely less overt, if still involved in the songwriting. „Surtur Rising“ offers ten new songs like „War Of The Gods“, „Destroyer Of The Universe“, „The Last Stand Of Frej“, „Beast Am I“, „Doom Over Dead Man“, … , and fans be shure you´ll get your needed dose of melodic Death Metal from your heros AMON AMARTH.

AMON AMARTH´s album number nine called „Surtur Rising“ originally was released on METAL BLADE RECORDS in the year 2011.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Clear Signal-Orange vinyl that comes with large two-sided poster and with extra lyric insert.