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BOXHAMSTERS – Prinz Albert LP + 7″


4 vorrätig

4 vorrätig

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LP + 7″ | „Prinz Albert“
COLOUR: Black (LP + 7″)
The BOXHAMSTERS are an active Punk Rock band from Gießen, Germany founded in 1987. The band´s name comes from the Monty Python play „Upperclass Twit of the Year“ the german translation of which features a certain Mr. Boxhamster.

Along with other german Punk bands like EA 80 and ANGESCHISSEN / DACKELBLUT, the BOXHAMSTERS see themselves in the angry german Punk tradition but set off from this tradition, genre by pensive sensible lyrics and a „first think then strike“ attitude.

The BOXHAMSTERS have delivered a masterpiece of german Punk Rock, at that time Deutsch Punk was somehow asleep and there was not much new or interesting. With their schrammel bumpy sound and brilliant personal lyrics, which are far from heroic or flat, they managed the leap to the forefront and most of the songs still belong in their live repertoire.

The original version came out in the year 1993 on the german label BAD MOON.
Standard edition of Black vinyl housed in a nice gatefold sleeve, the 7″ EP has it´s own cover too, here you can find three cover songs.

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