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MASSGRAV – Extra Nitad LP


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Nicht vorrätig

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LP | „Extra Nitad“
2014 | POWER IT UP
Fasten your seat belts !! Sweden´s own MASSGRAV are back on the map in order to annihilate your stereo. The „Extra Nitad“ vinyl contains the tracks from both CD´s which released years ago on Sound Pollution (USA) minus the EP tracks on these CD´s. All together thirtysix tracks of rapid-fire, forceful, abrasive as hell Scandicore in the midst of raw, throaty vocal attacks (including a cover version from ATOMVINTER and LIMP WRIST). MASSGRAV plays something not too far from the modern swedish Hardcore, they do a more than adequate job at it. They are faster than VICTIMS and SKITSYSTEM, and their drumming is more „relentless“ – altogether, they wind up kinda sounding like KRIGSHOT. With two equally effective vocalists, this is a pretty rippin´ listen from start to finish. The drumming is a little monotonous, but the overall feel of this album leans towards the raw and fast.
Standard pressing on Black vinyl housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.

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