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MEMORIAM – The Silent Vigil LP (Clear)


1 vorrätig

1 vorrätig

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LP | „The Silent Vigil“

It’s not surprising that MEMORIAM consists of veterans of the scene who have achieved the status of legends, at least in Death Metal circles. With frontman Karl Willets (ex-BOLT THROWER), Frank Healy (bass, BENEDICTION), guitarist Scott Fairfax (live guitarist, BENEDICTION) and drummer Andrew Whale (ex-BOLT THROWER), the highest quality is guaranteed. The signature sound of these musicians lives on, and „For The Fallen“ in its relentless style rolled down each and every preconception about the band´s sound.

For the musicians themselves „For The Fallen“ could be called an adjustment period in which they dealt with and aired their sadness and grievances due to their losses. As the year ticked on beyond the album´s release it became ever more apparent that the band was nowhere near taking a breather, and after several successful shows including Wacken Open Air, Graspop Open Air and Roadburn Festival they once again knuckled down to writing new material. This work has now been collected into nine merciless tracks in the form of a new work titled „The Silent Vigil“. MEMORIAM´s second album is less affected by sadness compared to its precursor, and their aggressiveness has increased manifold. The band has also worked intensively on the complexities of their sound, creating a monstrous tone that further enhances the imposing warfare. „The Silent Vigil“ still sounds like MEMORIAM, but without once copying the debut. Fans need not worry, „The Silent Vigil“ exudes their inimitable Old School flair once again and has not abandoned their merciless groove for even one split second !

Limited edition of 500 copies on Clear vinyl (european version), the LP is housed in nice gatefold sleeve and comes with lyric insert.

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