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ZYGOTE – A Wind Of Knives LP


5 vorrätig

5 vorrätig

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LP | „A Wind Of Knives“

ZYGOTE was the band that formed after the first breakup of AMEBIX in the late Eighties and included Stig Miller, Spider of AMEBIX along with George Smutpig and Tim Crow of the SMARTPILS. In 1991 the band released there one and only album entitled „A Wind of Knives“.  They toured along with CITIZEN FISH and were a solid part of the UK free-festival scene until they broke up after just a few years of existence.

Despise of many blogs articles you find online ZYGOTE was not a Crust band nor a Gothic or Deathrock band. ZYGOTE´s approach on music was way more diverse and unique. There was alot of rythm and variation in their songwriting and a steady Rock ‚N‘ Roll element not unlike a „gothesque“ MOTÖRHEAD maybe.

The original version came out in the year 1991 on MCR RECORDS UK, the european section of this legendary japanese label.
This here is the standard pressing on Black vinyl which is housed in a heavy carton cover, in addition you´ll get a poster and an extra lyric sheet. All songs got remastered by Jack Butcher (ENORMOUS DOOR MASTERING, USA) and two of the songs didn´t appear on the original pressing.

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