AGATHOCLES / H.407 - Split LP (Green Transparent)

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(Belgium / Poland)

LP | "Split"


COLOUR: Green Transparent

Finally pressed on vinyl, Grindcore legends AGATHOCLES from Belgium team up with H.407 from Poland which play Power-Violence, Grindcore to the max:

The tracks from AGATHOCLES were recorded live 1997 in Tongerlo, Belgium at the release show for the "Thanks For Your Hostility" album and offer an awesome sound quality. AGATHOCLES in the most vicious and brutal way are presenting eleven songs including their 8s)hits "Trust ? Not Me !", "Consuming Endoderme Pus", "Kill Your Fucking Idols", "Big Headed Bastards", ... .

The material from H.407 was recorded in the Chinook Studio, Poland in may 2005 and got remastered in the year 2018. H.407 deliver a solid mix of Grindcore and Crust with dual trade off vocals, hard to survive this thirteen brutal tracks.

Originally this album was released in the year 2004 on APATHIC VIEW PRODUCTIONS from Germany and was pressed on CD only

Limited edition of 300 copies on Green Transparent vinyl, this album comes with heavy pocket cover and fold-out lyric insert printed on heavy cardboard.