DISCHARGE - Never Again LP (Grey)

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LP | "Never Again"



Formed in 1977 in Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire DISCHARGE was one of the first Hardcore, Punk bands mixing Metal influences with Punk and often used a specific drum beat that became known as D-Beat. The raw and harsh sound and their very political lyrics about the negative effects of war and warcrimes was really trendsetting. DISCHARGE was very influental and copied to the maximum, yeah even their style of drumming was helping to create a new Punk subgenre which was called D-Beat. 

On this release you can find songs from following DISCHARGE outputs (partly some songs got a remix):
# "Warning: Her Majesty´s Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health" 12" EP (1983)
# "Never Again" EP (1981)
# "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" EP (1982)
# "The Price Of Silence, Born To Die In The Gutter" EP (1983)
# "State Violence State Control" EP (1982)
# "The More I See" 12" (1984)
# "Decontrol" EP (1980)

The first edition of this compilation came out on CLAY RECORDS, UK in the year 1984.

Re-issue on Grey vinyl housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.