BOMBANFALL- Åsiktsfrihet EP (Red)

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7" | "Åsiktsfrihet"



BOMBANFALL was a classic Late Eighties crusty D-Beat, Raw Punk band from Sweden. This was their one and only release from 1987, back then this was a unique sound mixing both elements to form this masterpiece ! Aggressive vocals, fast riffs and blasting drumming , like a Scandi version of EXTREME NOISE TERROR. This EP is a must have for all Crust / D-Beat, Hardcore enthusiasts. Pretty sure this band influenced a lot of the earlier, later Crust, D-Beat, Punk bands in Scandinavia especially Sweden. Enjoy dis !

The band itself brought out the orignal version, it was released in the year 1987.

This is alredy the second pressing on D-TAKT & RÅPUNK RECORDS from Sweden, this version here comes on Red vinyl (limited to 500 copies) housed in a pocket cover with extra lyric sheet.