POISON IDEA / RÖVSVETT - Split EP (Golden Opaque)

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(USA / Sweden)

EP | "Split"


COLOUR: Golden Opaque

Two Hardcore, Punk heavyweights active since the early Eighties are sharing this piece of vinyl:

The "Kings Of Punk" POISON IDEA from Portland, USA, brutalizing the international Hardcore scene since the year 1980, deliver two songs of their typical heavy and very brutal Hardcore, Punk. Both songs were recorded live at Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark august 22th, 2014.

RÖVSVETT from Tranas, Sweden were formed in the year 1983 and are very well-known for their harsh and fast swedish Hardcore, Punk, their sound isn´t the typical D-Beat, Punk swedish bands are famous for, it´s more like brutal US Eighties Hardcore but converted into something different, lets call it the "RÖVSVETT sound", the three songs here were recorded in march 2013.

The first edition of this split was done in 2015, also on JUST 4 FUN from Sweden.

Second pressing on Golden Opaque vinyl limited to 102 copies, the EP is housed in a fold-out cover and comes with extra insert.