WARFARE - Revoltinde EP

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7" EP | "Revoltinde"



WARFARE is an italian Punk, Anarcho Punk band from Goriza and was formed in the year 1981, they are one of the oldest, still active Punk acts from this country. They didn´t release too many stuff, but their most searched item is the legendary split EP with UPSET NOISE, Italy, it´s nearly impossible to get this split 7" for a decent price. Some members of WARFARE play in also legendary acts like UPSET NOISE and EU´S ARSE, the who is who of italian Eighties Hardcore, Punk is connected under the roof of the band WARFARE. They play powerful, melodic, sometimes a little bit experimental Anarcho Punk with dual female / male trade off vocals, their live performance is extra-ordinaire: some kind of Punk theatre, the members wear masks, costumes and besides delivering great Punk music they try to make their live gigs to a special event.

This EP here comes on Black vinyl and with full-coloured cover.