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7" EP | "Get It Out"



ZEYKING was a short lived Heavy Metal, Hardrock band from a suburb of Copenhagen called Österbro and they were active from 1982 - 1984. Originally the band was called NO RAPE, a some kind of New Wave inspired Punk Rock band, but later, after some line-up changes the band wanted to be heavier and with this sound they recorded their EP "Get It Out". In the Early, Mid Eighties Heavy Metal became more known to the public and inspired by bands like JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON and IRON MAIDEN the band ZEYKING replaced their bass player and changed their name into ALIEN FORCE (active from 1984 - 2011). The sound of ZEYKING can be described as Seventies Hardrock with some hints of Early Eighties Heavy Metal and might fit for fans of BLACK SABBATH, LEP ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP, ... , definitely not the music that most of the customers might expect to appear in a mainly Punk, Hardcore, Crust mailorder.

This EP originally was supposed to be released in the year 1982 but all copies were returned to the pressing plant due to a water damage, the band as well as the swedish pressing plant didn´t want to cover the costs and so the EP never was put out and only a few test pressings survived.

This official re-issue comes on Black vinyl housed in a big fold-out cover, tons of pictures and the band history can be found on the inside.