ZYANOSE - Crossing EP

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7" | "Crossing"

2019 | D-TAKT & RÅPUNK


In the year 2006 the Konton Crusher Crusties ZYANOSE released their first vinyl output called "Crossing", once again the Osaka, Japan Crusties went to the local LM Studio to record six new chaotic Raw Punk tracks. The DISCLOSE, SWANKYS worship continues: expect nothing less than total D-Beat, Noise Punk chaos.

In the year 2006 the original version of this EP was released on the japanese label GUERRILLA RECORDS.

A total of 600 copies on Black were pressed, 300 copies were sold separately, issued with a pocket sleeve (this version here, comes with extra fold-out insert). The remaining 300 copies were included in the Zyanose 7" Box Set and are coming with a foldover sleeve.