HELLHAMMER - Apocalyptic Raids LP

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LP | "Apocalytic Raids"

2020 | NOISE


HELLHAMMER from Switzerland, pre CELTIC FROST, are one of the most famous Thrash Metal, Black Metal from the Early Eighties, together with acts like BATHORY, VENOM, POSSESSED, SLAYER, SODOM, early VOIVOD, ... they were they main creators of the genre Black Metal, Death Metal. HELLHAMMER´s anti-christian and satanic lyrics brought them a lot of negative reactions from the public, a lot of people love this band but the number of haters is countless too.

Well done re-release including the original (but remastered) songs from the "Apocalyptic Raids" MLP (1984) and two songs from the "Death Metal" Compilation LP (1984).

The original pressing of this great Mini LP was done in the year 1984 by NOISE RECORDS, Germany.

Deluxe re-release on Black vinyl, the album is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve, two posters and a twenty-four paged 10" booklet are included.