ACTIVE MINDS - The Age Of Mass Distraction LP

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LP | "The Age Of Mass Distraction"



ACTIVE MINDS is one of the best long-lasting and still active Anarcho Punk, Punk ba nds from the United Kingdom, They have a ton of hits over a sizable discography, and this sixth LP is no different. Tracks like "Complete and Utter Indifference", "Wouldn't It Be Better to Just Ignore These Fools?", and "How Much Did Your Face Cost ?" rank as some of the best in their deep catalog. They are, like their above peers, a band with awe-inspiring consistency. In six LPs over thirty years, ACTIVE MINDS has refined their style to a fine-tuned, tightly-balanced mixture of many of the things a lot of folks love about the music style called Punk. Two guys with an intensely deep knowledge of Punk music (can't have record collections that large without picking up a thing or two) that bring melody and catchy under the same umbrella as Thrash and speed, knowing when to write memorable sing-a-longs and when to write short / fast / loud ragers, strip it all down to the bare sonic minimums, and use it to channel some of the most thoughtful and blunt political lyrics this side of CRASS. This album is neraly perfect and a truely MUST HAVE !!!

1500 copies on Black were pressed, this album comes with full coloured cover and fold-out lyric sheet.