ASPHYX - Necroceros LP (Grey)

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(The Netherlands)

LP | "Necroceros"



Five years after their last album "Incoming Death" the dutch Death Metal legends ASPHYX are back with their tenth album called "Necroceros". The band recorded ten new songs sounding even more raw and barbaric than they did on 2009´s flawless comeback opus "Death… The Brutal Way", ASPHYX adhere rigidly to an Old School template, but their sound remains entirely their own. "Necroceros" brings certain new elements to the table, and it's undeniable that the band have never been as overtly melodic as they are at several points here, the band switches from slow, gloomy and totally devastating Death, Doom parts to fast neckbreaking smashers as it would be the easiest thing in this world. The year 2021 is very young but I don´t think that there will be many future albums of other Death Metal acts that will as brutal and fucked up as this masterpiece here.

Limited edition of 200 copies on Grey vinyl, this album comes with poster and extra lyric insert.