BRUTAL TRUTH - Goodbye Cruel World 3 x LP

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3 x LP | "Goodbye Cruel World"



This Grindcore band from New York City, USA is active since 1990 and till then they spread their devastating and sick Grindcore, Power-Violence music all over the world. BRUTAL TRUTH´s bassist Dan Lilker already played in bands like S.O.D., ANTHRAX, EXIT-13, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and many others. People who like NAPALM DEATH, TERRORIZER, PHOBIA, NAUSEA (from Los Angeles, USA), ... and still don´t know this great band here, will love them for shure.

The song material was taken from this releases, live gigs, sessions:
# Live At The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, Australia (august 1998)
# Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (february 12, 1998)
# Live At The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (1996 or 1998) 
# Live At The Powerstation In Auckland, New Zealand (september 18, 1998) 
# Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (february 12, 1998) 
# bonus tracks from the "Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom" album
# the bonus track from the "Kill Trend Suicide" album
# the songs from the split 12" with BOREDOMS
# songs from the radio session at WFMU New Jersey, USA (august 29, 1996) 
# Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (february 12, 1998) 
# Live At Muse Hall, Kyoto, Japan (February 13, 1998) 
# Live At On Air West, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan (February 16, 1998) 
# Live At Club Quattro, Tokyo, Japan (February 20, 1995) 
# plus some bonus tracks

The original double CD version on RELAPSE RECORDS, USA came out in the year 1999.

Pressed on three 12" records on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, boxed in a 350 gram heavy double fold out cover. Completely new cover and layout design. This version has a different running order and three exclusive songs that were not included on the CD version. However the song "Zodiac" from the split 7" with MELVINS is missing as are the tracks from the "Machine Parts +4" 7".