CÂMBIO NEGRO - Ecos Do 3° Mundo LP

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LP | "Ecos Do 3° Mundo"



CÂMBIO NEGRO was a seminal Hardcore, Punk band from Recife, Brasil formed in the year 1983. They were one of the first bands playing that kind of music in the North East of the country and the first on that region to release an album. "Ecos Do 3° Mundo" was previously released as a demo tape in 1989, and is considered by many as their best stuff, brutal, raw, energetic Hardcore. PUNK VORTEX records has unearthed the original recording, restored, remastered and released it on vinyl. The original artwork has been also revamped ! Taking into consideration that the songs were stored on cassette tape for decades and obviously lost a bit of quality the final result is great !!!

The original version was self-released by the band and saw the light of day in the year 1989.

This LP is pressed on Black vinyl (500 copies ?), this release comes in a nice b/w pocket cover and with insert.