CANNIBAL CORPSE - Gallery Of Suicide LP (Clear-Brown / Grey Marbled)

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LP | "Gallery Of Suicide"


COLOUR: Clear-Brown / Grey Marbled

CANNIBAL CORPSE´s follow up to the album "Vile" was "Gallery Of Suicide" which was brought to light of day in 1998, all material was produced, engineered and mixed at Morrissound Recordings in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A. . "Gallery Of Suicide" already is album number six of the band, once again they deliver some brutal Death Metal, well established in the Metal community for the past several years in existence. "Gallery of Suicide" captures their brutal Death sound with chunk laden guitar activity whizzing all in various arrays of significance. From beginning to finish these guys hit home here with a solid, well put together album. They take their guitars and tune them down to B-flat, making that heavy, distorted sound with musical compositions that embrace you alongside "Corpsegrinder's" lyrical tyranny including a vocal onslaught. Once again another album that will be loved (by their fans) and hated (by their haters) in the same intensity.

METAL BLADE RECORDS did the worldwide release of the original pressing in the year 1998.

Great album on Clear-Brown / Grey Marbled vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide, this LP comes with original artwork, extra lyric  insert and large two-sided poster.