CATTLE DECAPITATION - The Anthropocene Extinction LP ("Circo Inhumanitas" - Yellow / Red "Circus Tent")

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LP | " The Anthropocene Extinction"


COLOUR: "Circo Inhumanitas" - Yellow / Red "Circus Tent"

CATTLE DECAPITATION is a Death Metal, Grindcore band based in San Diego, USA which was formed in 1996. Their music is very extreme: brutal and fucked up Grindcore, Death Metal in the vein of PIG DESTROYER, MISERY INDEX, SUFFOCATION, ROTTEN SOUND, NAPALM DEATH, ... but this band also is very well-known for their very, very offensive sometimes disgusting artwork, not really fitting for sensible and weak-hearted folks. Yes CATTLE DECAPITATION is a really freaky band but without any doubt they are in the Top 20 of the best US Grindcore bands.

The first pressing of the "The Anthropocene Extinction" album was released in 2015 on METAL BLADE RECORDS, UK, Europe and USA.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on "Circo Inhumanitas" - Yellow / Red "Circus Tent" vinyl, the LP is housed in a full-coloured gatefold sleeve and comes with poster, insert and free mp3 download card.