CHAOTIC END - Promises LP (Transparent White)

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LP | "Promises"


COLOUR: Transparent White

After a twenty-three year hibernation (in the deepest sense of the word), Athen´s very own and legendary Crust band CHAOTIC END are back on the map with an all new album. The band recorded / mixed eight new tracks during july - september 2016 and mastered them in november 2016, you can expect nothing less than heavy shredding and dark AMEBIX, AXEGRINDER inspired Crust. CHAOTIC END is an over-the-top metallic Crust band, great to see that the Punk, Crust scene from Greece has to offer tons of great bands, saddly most of them are way too unknown.

The first pressing on Black vinyl (2017) also came on the band owned label CHAOTIC END RECORDS from Greece.

Already the second pressing on Transparent White vinyl limited to 500 copies, this album comes with inserts (lyrics in greek and english), big poster and sticker.