CONTROLLED BY FEAR - The Only Good Cop ... Is A Dead One LP

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LP | "The Only Good Cop ... Is A Dead One"



C.B.F. (CONTROLLED BY FEAR, pre-RUPTURE) formed in late 1988 with Andrew (Gus Chamber) on vocals, Matt (Stumblefuck) on guitar, Neal on bass and Matt on drums. The band lastet barely more than a year but played many gigs in Perth, Western Australia and were headlining shows towards the end of their short-lived career. Talentless amateur young Punk musicians, aged from 16 to 20, influenced by all sorts of bands from DOOM, G-ANX, FEAR OF GOD to CONFLICT started CONTROLLED BY FEAR, within time the band members´musical skills improved and the interest of some band members changed, CONTROLLED BY FEAR splitted up and bands like FAT LIP, NAILED DOWN, CUCHULAINN POWERHEAD and RUPTURE were formed. CONTROLLED BY FEAR played harsh, fast and raw Eighties Hardcore, Punk, sometimes reminding of later RUPTURE, but more chaotic and less under controll, over all it´s total Noise that will attract the hearing impaired from all over the world.

This LP contains nearly all material taken from an unreleased demo recorded on a four track recorder in the year 1989 plus two live songs recorded in october 1989, only three cover songs from DOOM, SIEGE and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER are missing.

This version of the album here is the standard pressing on Black vinyl, saddly no lyric- / info sheet is added.