D.N.A. - Discography 1983 - 1987 LP

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LP | "Discography 1983 - 1987"



D.N.A. was an Early Eighties Hardcore, Punk band from Skövde, Sweden, they were among the pioneers of the classic swedish sound at the time. The singer Nillen actually was an original member of ANTI-CIMEX, after the "Anarkist Attack" EP (1982) the ANTI-CIMEX byand members all moved to Gothenburg, except Nillen who formed D.N.A. . All their songs are sung in swedish and the sound is similar to bands like ANTI-CIMEX, DISARM or THE SHITLICKERS. No matter the format or pressing - unless you are a record collector scum - it’s good that these classics can see the light of day after so many years. Despite the rough edges and shit-fi quality, the anger in those releases is unconquerable. Real Punk blast from the past.

This discography includes material from this releases:
# V.A. - Kloak Skrål 1 Cassette A1 (two songs, 1983)
# unreleased Demo (one song, ????) 
# "Really Fast Vol. 1" Comp. LP (three songs, 1983)  
# "Vägra För Helvete" Comp. LP (one song, 1983)
# "A Trip To The Land Of The Dead ... And Back" 12" (five songs, 1985) 
# "The Halloween Tapes E.P." (four songs, 1987)

This is the standard edition on Black vinyl (650 copies were made), an additional poster is included.