D.R.I. - 4 Of A Kind LP

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LP | "4 Of A Kind"



"4 Of A Kind" is the third full album of the US Hardcore, Crossover band D.R.I. from San Francisco, California, although their wild "teenagers" years were over and the song material of "4 Of A Kind" is not as raging fast as their earlier stuff, this album is a very crushing and brutal Crossover, Hardcore output. In february - march 1988 the band went to Track Record in N. Hollywood, California to record and mix the eleven songs of this album. Yes the sound of the band changed into a more Metal, Crossover style (already obvious on the album "Crossover" from 1987) but they didn´t forget their Punk roots, tracks like "Modern World", "All For Nothing", "Think For Yourself", "Man Unkind", ... are very political with great lyrics. This LP is a very important part of the Late Eighties US Hardcore, Crossover, Thrash Metal history and should be included in every solid Punk, Metal collection.

The dutch label ROADRACER RECORDS did the original pressing in the year 1988.

Standard pressing on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, this album comes with full-coloured LP cover, insert and download card.