DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns LP (Milky Clear / Baby Pink / Blood Red / Bronze Splatter)

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LP | "Individual Thought Patterns"


COLOUR: Milky Clear / Baby Pink / Blood Red / Bronze Splatter

Before the release of DEATH´s album number five called "Individual Thought Patterns" the band faced some line-up changes, several band members left and got replaced (for example Andy LaRoque / KING DIAMOND and Gene Hoglan were recruited for the band to replace left members). With "Individual Thought Patters" the band finally left the path of pure and savage Death Metal, all songs are highly technical, well composed with a lot of influences from Jazz and Power Metal, even Chuck Schuldiners vocals weren´t that brutal anymore so that the album managed to enter the US billboad charts on place 30. Overall "Individual Thought Patterns" is a real different DEATH album that hardly can´t be compared with older stuff of the band, but the fans still love(d) it.

DEATH´s album number five called "Individual Thought Patterns" was unleashed upon mankind in the year 1993 on ROADRUNNER RECORDS from The Netherlands.

Great re-issue on RELAPSE RECORDS, "limited" to 2500 copies on Milky Clear / Baby Pink / Blood Red / Bronze Splatter vinyl that comes in a glossy pocket cover with Red Metallic hot-foil stamping, a nice fold-out lyric sheet and download card are added too.