DESTRUCTION - Mad Butcher MLP (Transparent Kelly Green)

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MLP | "Mad Butcher"


COLOUR: Transparent Kelly Green

The "Mad Butcher" MLP is the follow up to the third album "Eternal Devastation", definitely one of the best releases of the german Thrash Metal, Speed Metal DESTRUCTION. Believe it or not the four songs on this Mini LP are really fucking great, "Mad Butcher" (re-recorded), "The Damned" (PLASMATICS), "Reject Emotions" and "The Last Judgement" were recorded in december 1986 in the Karo Studios in Münster (Western Germany) and due to the virtuosity, without loosing the brutality and heaviness of Mid Eighhties Thrash Metal made in Germany, and the real good production these songs are one of the bands´ recordings ever (not really easy to say that because all early DESTRUCTION is superb). DESTRUCTION is one of the leading Thrash Metal acts and next to bands like SODOM, KREATOR, EXUMER, DEATHROW, ... super important for the past and contemporary Thrash Metal scene from all of the world, not only in Germany.

The first pressing of DESTRUCTION´s mini album "Mad Butcher" was released as MLP / PICTURE LP in the year 1987 on STEAMHAMMER from Germany, all songs got remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY to get original sound from 1987.

This edition here is limited to 500 copies on Transparent Kelly Green vinyl, it comes in a heavy high quality jacket, with printed innersleeve and poster.