DESTRUCTION - Release From Agony LP (Transparent Beer-Coloured)

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LP | "Release From Agony"


COLOUR: Transparent Beer-Coloured

After some line-up changes. original drummer Oli came back, after Tommy had to leave the band because of some issues with his job. and a second guitarist named Harry came into the band, the band changed from a classic three piece band into a four piece act. Harry brought some new musical influences into the band and their style became more progressive and even more technical, "Release From Agony" is not as hate-filled and pissed off as their early material, but still can be called a high class Speed Metal release. Commercially this album is the most sucessful release of the band till now, although a lot of Die-Hard DESTRUCTION fans seem to despise this one, soundwise it´s a little bit disappointing, the production could be way better, but this should not disturb a real Thrash Metal, Speed Metal fan.

The first pressing of DESTRUCTION´s forth album "Release From Agony" was released in the year 1987 on STEAMHAMMER from Germany, all songs got remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY to get original sound from 1987.

This edition here is limited to 500 copies on Transparent Beer-Coloured vinyl, it comes in a heavy high quality jacket, with printed innersleeve, DIN A5 promo photo and poster.