DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Fired From The Circus 2 x LP + CD

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2 x LP + CD | "Fired From The Circus"


COLOUR: 1 x Green, 1 x Yellow, CD comes in a PVC wallet

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS are a british Hardcore, Punk act from Lancaster active in the Late Eighties, Early Nineties, very well-known for their funny and unusual live shows, they were wearing costumes and used the stage probs in a very innovative way. Their early material is not as fast as the HERESY, THE STUPIDS, INTENSE DEGREE, ... stuff, but despite that fact DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS also are an real essential part of the Later Eighties Punk scene in the UK.

This here is part one of their discography including:
# Fired From The Circus LP (1988)
# John Peel Session (may 1988)
# first demo (october 1986)
# second demo (may 1987)
# two songs from first practice (november 1985)
# two songs from a live gig in Lancaster, UK (may 1986)

Limited edition of 500 copies on coloured vinyl, one LP comes on Green vinyl, the other one on Yellow vinyl, also included is an fold-out sheet with info, pictures, lyrics and an extra CD including all the 45 songs.