ELECTRO HIPPIES - The Only Good Punk ... Is A Dead One LP

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LP | "The Only Good Punk ... Is A Dead One"



ELECTRO HIPPIES were a short-lived Punk, Hardcore band from St. Helens / Wigan, United Kingdom active in the years 1985 - 1989, in the early line-up Jeff Walker (CARCASS) was playing in the band. Normally ELECTRO HIPPES need no introduction, if you are into Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk coming from the UK you will be familiar with this band, they are very well-known for their fast, relentless and very unique kind of Punk, Crust. This here is for fans of pissed off and raging Eighties Hardcore sound like LÄRM, HERESY, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DEVIATED INSTINCT, HELLBASTARD, THE STUPIDS, INTENSE DEGREE, ... .

The original pressing also on PEACEVILLE, UK came out in the year 1988

Re-issue on Black vinyl, this album comes with original sleeve artwork.