ENTRAILS - Rise Of The Reaper LP (Clear Orange / Purple Marbled)

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LP | "Rise Of The Reaper"


COLOUR: Clear Orange / Purple Marbled

ENTRAILS from Stockholm, Sweden are back with their new album called "Rise Of The Reaper". Together with Dan Swanö the band has recorded thirteen new songs (including Into and Outro) in their typical Old School Death Metal style, yes of course the band has influences from other swedish bands like DISMEMBER or ENTOMBED, but be shure the band has found some kind of own sound. This album here is for Die Hard Old School Death Metal fans, for complete nerds who like downtuned and super heavy music, it should be added to every Extreme Metal collection.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Clear Orange / Purple Marbled vinyl, this album comes in a nice pocket sleeve, with lyric insert, poster and mp3 download card.