EXTREM - Vielleicht Ist Bald Alles Vorbei 12" (Black)

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12" | "Vielleicht Ist Bald Alles Vorbei"



EXTREM is a "legendary" Hardcore, Punk band from Vienna, the capital of Austria, they were active from 1979 - 1991 and as far as I´m not misinformed they are active again. On this new Twelve Inch you can find great, nearly lost four track recordings, the material was recorded in september 1986, still in original line-up. Back then it was not possible to create a good sounding result, but many, many years later (and because of enourmous technical progress in mastering / mixing), you are now able to listen to five top-notch Hardcore, Punk tracks with astonishingly good sound !

Regular edition on Black vinyl limited to 300 copies, this LP comes in a nice pocket cover and with printed innersleeve.