EYEHATEGOD - Confederacy Of Ruined Lives LP (Gold)

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LP | "Confederacy Of Ruined Lives"



EYEHATEGOD´s fifth album called "Confedercay Of Ruined Lives" was recorded at Balance Productions, Mandeville, LA (june - july 2000).  The US Sludge, Doom lords unleashed ten more songs in their typical fucked up "the world is complete shite and the end is (hopefully) here soon" style, very raw and brutal Sludge, Sludge Metal tunes for the fully fucked up and nihilistic fans of CORRUPTED, GRIEF, CAVITY, ... .

"Confederacy Of Ruins Lives" in it´s original version was released in the year 2000 on CENTURY MEDIA in Germany.

This here is the Exclusive Distributors edition on 180 gram heavy weight Gold vinyl (only available from mailorders that ordered this special colour in advance), this album is housed in a heavy gatefold sleeve with nice inside-out print.