INOCENTES - Garotos Do Subúrbio: The 1985 Demos LP

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LP | "Garotos Do Subúrbio: The 1985 Demos"



INOCENTES were a Hardcore, Punk, Punk Rock band from Sao Paulo, Brasil that started their career in the Early Eighties. In their beginnings the band played aggressive and fast Hardcore, Punk but later changed their style into more melodic Punk Rock, Punk in the vein of UK Seventies, Eighties Punk bands like GANG OF FOUR, THE STRANGLERS, ... . "Garotos Do Subúrbio" is the first demo tape of the band recorded at Estudio Camerati, Santo André (SP) in june / july 1985, fourteen melodic Punk Rock songs that easily can compete with most of the contemporary Punk bands from Europe, USA or Japan. This release is a must have !!!

The original version of this demo was "released" by the band itself in the year 1985, in the year 1999 FDS FONOGRÁCIA from Brasil did a first re-issue on CD format.

Official vinyl re-issue on Black vinyl, saddly no insert but some band liner notes are printed on the backside of the cover.