KREATOR - Endless Pain (Remastered) 2 x LP

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2 x LP | "Endless Pain (Remastered)"

2017 | NOISE


KREATOR is one of the most famous Thrash Metal, Speed Metal bands from Germany, they were formed in the shitty of Essen in the year 1982 under the name TORMENTOR but in 1984 they changed it into KREATOR after their first singer Paul Terozza left the band. In their early days the band played raw, unpolished and for that time very fast Thrash Metal, Speed Metal with Mille, guitars and Ventor, drums sharing the vocals more often than in later releases. SODOM, TANKARD, DESTRUCTION and of course KREATOR are amongst the leading bands in the german Extreme Metal scene and their releases belong into every Metal collection.

The original pressing of "Endless Pain" was done as 12" LP in the year 1985 by NOISE, Germany.

Over the top official re-release on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, housed in a thick gatefold cover (sleevenotes from Mille Petrozza are added too). This double LP includes the original (but remastered) songs plus three songs from the "Blitzkrieg" demo and four songs from the "End Of The World" demo.