L´ATTENTAT - Das Hatten Wir Doch Schon, Das War Doch Schon Mal Da ... LP + DVD

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LP + DVD | "Das Hatten Wir Doch Schon, Das War Doch Schon Mal Da ..."

2020 | SM MUSIK


L´ATTENTAT was a Punk Rock, Deutsch Punk band from Leipzig, Eastern-Germany formed in the Early, Mid Eighties, next to WUTANFALL and SCHLEIMKEIM they are the most famous Punk band coming from the ex- German Democratic Republic. In october 2014 they band decided to do an exclusive gig to celebrate the extended re-release of their classic album "Made In The GDR". October 3rd, 2014 tons of Punx came to the over-crowded UT - Connewitz, Leipzig, Germany to celebrate their Punk "heros" L´ATTENTAT who played a lot of their classic songs like "Heimatlied", "Friedenstaat", "Ohne Sinn", "Leipzig In Trümmern", ... . This release is really over-the-top: well-done cover, booklet, extras and sound (on vinyl as well on the DVD) is great, a lot of work was invested, this could explain the production time of six years. This LP is a must have for fans of Punk Rock made in (East-) Germany.

Deluxe album, hand-numbered and limited to 1200 copies, most of them are on Black vinyl (this version here), the LP is housed in a heavy stamped gatefold sleeve, a forty-eight paged booklet in LP size (with lyrics, interviews and background stories), a D.I.Y. cut-out spray stencil, a mp3 download code and a bonus DVD are included too.