MACABRE - Carnival Of Killers LP (White / Red Splatter)

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LP | "Carnival Of Killers"


COLOUR: White / Red Splatter

Nine years after their last sign of life "Grim Scary Tales" MACABRE from Chicago, USA are back with their newest album called "Carnival Of Killers", yes the Kings of Murder Metal are back and already when you check the front cover artwork you know that you have to expect: a weird and totally sick album. Don´t be mistaken the band still sings about mass murderers, with tracks like "Your Window Is Open", "Them Dry Bones", "Now It´s Time To Pay", "Corpse Violator", "The Murder Mack", ... MACABRE continue their cruel "worship" of serial killers but their music is more or less far away from the Grindcore, Death Metal they did in their early days. You still can listen to the typical old song Death Metal, Grindcore structures but the band also added many new song elements, may it be from Heavy Metal, Punk or even Country Music, so that this or that Die Hard Grindcore, Death Metal fan might be irriated. For people that are open-minded and are in need of something new or something very strange this album is the best choice.

This here is the "Carnival Killing Spree" edition on White / Red Splatter vinyl, 1100 copies got pressed for the US market (including 300 copies for the european market), the LP is housed in a full-coloured gatefold sleeve.