OI POLLOI - Unite And Win ! LP

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LP | "Unite And Win"



OI POLLOI from formerly Scotland, UK are one of the longest lasting and most famous Punk, Anarcho Punk bands coming from this country, starting in the Early Eighties they are still active till now. After doing split releases with MARTIAL LAW, A.O.A., TOXIK EPHEX and BETRAYED (all UK),  they finally managed to release a full LP in the year 1987 (under the name "Unite And Win !"). All twelve songs were recorded at Pier House Studios, Edinburgh, UK: side A in march 1987 and side B in june 1987. Now you get the chance to listen to such great songs as "Kill The Bill", "Nuclear Waste", "Commies And Nazis", "Pigs For Slaughter", "Scum", ... again.

The original pressing was done in the year 1987 on OI! RECORDS from The United Kingdom.

Official repress, this here is the normal edition on Black vinyl (?00 copies were made), it is housed in a LP pocket cover (saddly no insert).