SCAPEGOATS - Pogo Lebt Immer Noch !! LP + CD (Blue)

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LP + CD | "Pogo Lebt immer Noch !!"

2019 | POWER IT UP

COLOUR: Blue, the CD comes in a Transparent PVC sleeve

Another essential piece of German Punk history ! The SCAPEGOATS were a german ultra Hardcore band from the Early. Mid Eighties who released two killer demo tapes: "Pogo Lebt" (1983) and "Last Attack" (1984) followed by the "Kopflos" 7" EP (1985). SCAPEGOATS were also well-known worldwide from many compilation tapes and the great german LP compilation "Let’s have more Fun" back then. SCAPEGOATS were the german answer to KAAOS, RATTUS, SVART FRAMTID, CRUDE SS and MOB 47. 

On this record you find the best tracks from both demo tapes and some unreleased bonus stuff, the extra bonus CD comes with even more tracks recorded during different rehearsal and studio sessions, as well as some live tracks from early 1983 - 1986.

This edition is limited to 300 copies in Blue vinyl and is housed in a nice inside out cover design, in addition you´ll get an eight-paged booklet, a 24" x 12" poster insert and a OBI strip.